Our big ones – New pipe dimensions

We have responded to rising demand for pipes in larger dimensions taking the next step ahead in technology expanding our range of products. This allows for the production of outer diameters of up to 540mm for pipes from PVC and up to 630 mm for pipes from polyethylene.

They are produced with computer-controlled extruders complying with the latest state of technological development today – operated by skilled personnel that undergo regular training.

Our big ones from Polyethylene

Pipes from polyethylene in diameters of up to 630mm are used in the supply of drinking water or gas, as sewerage pipes or in industrial applications.

Our big ones from PVC-U

Pipes from polyvinylchloride in diameters of up to 540mm are used for drinking water, industrial or vertical applications in the sinking of wells, as ventilating pipes for the aeration and ventilation of buildings and industrial plants.