Environmental protection means responsibility

The Westfälische Kunststoff Technik recognizes its responsibility for the environment and thus for future generations. In the process, environmental protection already begins with the production. As a result, wastewater treatment, exhaust filters and production energy recovery belong to the most important contributions.

Inform yourself here about the specific measures of the Westfälische Kunststoff Technik and get to know more about the general standards of the industry.

Cooling system

Production energy recovery as a decisive environmental factor

With the process of production energy recovery, the heating energy released from the extruders is “preserved” due to a special water cycle. The water heated up in this way is then channelled to a low-temperature heating system. With its enormous efficiency factor, this heating system is sufficient for the supply of administration and production.

Waste reduction by means of recycling

Thermoplastic material can be treated and recycled several times without losing quality. Already in the production of pipes, state-of-the-art techniques help to keep reject rates extremely low.


Our pipe materials which are made of PE and PVC are fully recyclable and should be put to a reasonable recycling after being used. We would be happy to support you in returning the material by means of standardised collection systems.

Emissions in incineration plants

The hydrogen chloride which is produced by burning PVC is almost completely filtered out by means of state-of-the-art flue gas cleaning plants of the incineration plants. Scientific investigations have confirmed that emission of dioxin/furans of the plants is independent of burning PVC.

Energy balance during production

PVC consists, for example, of 43 % oil and 57 % domestic rock salts. Production of PVC takes place in the low-temperature range from 40 to 80 degrees Celsius. Withe the production processes using extruders, the processing temperature is about 200 degrees Celsius - other materials require much higher temperatures.

Energy balance during production

Both the use and handling of our energy resources is a significant topic for the Westfälische Kunststoff Technik. Therefore an energy managements system was already implemented in 2014. The target of this systematic approach is continuous reduction of the use of energy as well as the sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions connected with it.

The scope of application of the energy management system according to DIN ISO 50001 extends to all areas of the company and all energy sources. For all questions around the topic of energy management, you can contact our energy commissioner.

Peter Burghardt
Peter Burghardt
Purchasing and Quality Management

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