Pipelines for the infrastructure

Pipelines for drinking water and gas supply as well as pipes for the discharge of waste water have one of the highest safety international standards in Europe. We, the people from the company Westfälische Kunststoff Technik, have adopted this hot topic and developed unique products.

So by avoiding any plasticizers, no hazardous substances are discharged into the drinking water by our drinking water pipes, for example. We offer the user pipes with efficient connection technologies and pipe materials for alternative installation techniques.

We supply state-of-the-art protective pipes made of PVC and PE materials for the protection of drinking water and gas pipelines in the house connection area, of data cables and underground cables. In the area of renovation of old pipelines in the soil, we have developed special short-pipe modules which considerably reduce the work required and thus the costs.

All types of pipe comply with the latest legal provisions.