Short pipe modules made of PE-HD for waste water

Polyethylene of high density (PE-HD)
Black (RAL 9004) or window grey (similar to RAL 7040) with brown stripes (similar to RAL 8023)
Standard programme, consisting of SHT short pipe modules, SHT branching modules, SHT shaft grommets, SHT double sockets as well as SHT anchor clamps

Standard pipe dimensions with diameters 90 mm to 355 mm; length of the standard module: 500 mm; length of the long module: 750 mm
DIN 8075
  • Reduction of channel clean-up costs
  • Avoidance of unnecessary traffic disruption
  • Trenchless clean-up of waste water systems
  • Tension-proof connection of the individual pipe modules
  • Can also be used with pipe jacking and pipe expansion methods
  • Completely smooth inside and outside transition from module to module
  • Lease of sale of the required tools

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Anna Ciesla
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Carina Wegerhoff
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